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2022 Illinois City Pairs

Illinois Flag Illinois 2022 City Pairs

Note: This page shows historic data from 2022. Click here to see 2023 Illinois Cities.

The table below shows all cities in Illinois with departing contract flights through the City Pair Program (CPP) in 2022.

There are 6 cities across Illinois with City Pair fares. There are a total of 523 contract fares out of Illinois including flights out of Chicago, Moline, Peoria, Springfield, Champaign and Bloomington.

The average one-way fare for City Pair Program flights departing from Illinois in 2022 was $273.50 for Unrestricted Coach Fares (YCA), $178.50 for Capacity Controlled Fares (XCA), and $4,336.67 on average for Business Class Fares.

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Illinois Cities with Contract Flights

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Cities Flight Passengers Fares
Unestricted Capacity-Controlled Business
Chicago 339 191,615 $310.00 $206.00 $3,290.00 More Info 
Moline 83 9,991 $271.00 $177.00 $2,720.00 More Info 
Peoria 44 2,467 $231.00 $139.00 $7,000.00 More Info 
Springfield 26 1,728 $255.00 $191.00 More Info 
Champaign 23 1,478 $285.00 $178.00 More Info 
Bloomington 8 328 $289.00 $180.00 More Info 
Totals: 523 207,607 $273.50 $178.50 $4,336.67

† Denotes average fares, rather than totals.

‡ Note that intrastate flights are counted twice in this table because these flights are included in both the origin and destination city totals. As a result, total passenger count and flight count are slightly inflated. See the statistics page for accurate totals.