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Pusan, Korea
Contract City Pairs for FY 2014

International Korea 2014 7 City Pairs
Note: This page shows historic data from 2014. Click here to see 2024 Pusan, Korea City Pairs.
Summary Information:
1K 7 Domestic
0 International
Passenger Count Destination Cities Average Domestic Fare Average International Fare

There are a total of 7 cities with contract flights to and from Pusan, Korea. Of these 7 city pairs, 7 are domestic and 0 are international. In the previous fiscal year year, there were 1,393 one-way contact flights through Pusan.

The average economy one-way fare to a domestic city pair from Pusan, Korea is $1,516.71 and the average international fare is $0.00.

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Contract Flights To/From Pusan, Korea (7 Cities)

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City Pair Passengers Domestic? Coach
San Diego, CA 390 Domestic $1,523 $5,467 More Info  California (CA) , USA
Honolulu, HI 267 Domestic $1,040 More Info  Hawaii (HI) , USA
Los Angeles, CA 226 Domestic $1,522 More Info  California (CA) , USA
Washington, DC 183 Domestic $1,172 $7,181 More Info  District Of Columbia (DC) , USA
Seattle-Tacoma, WA 165 Domestic $1,618 $6,180 More Info  Washington (WA) , USA
Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX 92 Domestic $1,428 $6,957 More Info  Texas (TX) , USA
Atlanta, GA 70 Domestic $2,314 $8,824 More Info  Georgia (GA) , USA