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Charleston, SC Omaha, NE
City Pair Flights for FY 2016

Domestic 2016 Charleston, SC Omaha, NE
Note: This page shows historic data from 2016. Click here to see 2024 City Pair Rates.
Average Government Fares:
158 $236 $184
Passenger Count Unrestricted Coach Fare Capacity-Controlled Fare Business Fare

City Pair Summary

Rates shown are government contract fares between Charleston, SC and Omaha, NE. These fixed rate fares are available to U.S. federal employees on official travel in either direction between Charleston and Omaha. All prices are for one-way service in either direction.

The U.S. Government predicts approximately 158 government travelers flying between these two cities in 2016. The average "Unrestricted Coach Class" fare is $236.00. The average "Capacity-Controlled" fare is $184.00. There are no Business Class fares between these two cities in 2016.

Business Class flights may only be taken if it is the most economical option or if your agency has authorized other than Coach Class service in accordance with Federal Travel Regulations (FTR) (§ 301-10.123).

How long is the flight between Charleston, SC and Omaha, NE?

The flight between Charleston, SC and Omaha, NE is 909 nautical miles which takes approximately 2 hours and 7 minutes. † This calculation does not take into consideration real-time weather conditions and may be off by up to 10%.

† Nautical miles are the preferred unit of measure for distance at sea or in flight. A nautical mile is 1.15 regular miles.


Available Contract Flights (1)

There is only 1 flights available between Charleston, SC and Omaha, NE for FY 2016 (October 2015 to September 2016). All rates show are for one-way service in either direction.

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Charleston Air Force Base International (CHS)

Eppley Air Field (OMA)
$236 $184

City Pair Statistics (2001-2024): Charleston, SC ⇄ Omaha, NE

Note: Passenger data is not available before 2011 or for the two most recent years. Data for 2023 will be released at the beginning of FY 2025.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a City Pair Program flight?

City Pair flights are only available to U.S. Federal Employees traveling on official duty. You must follow your agency's guidelines or speak to your agency's travel coordinator to book one of the flights listed above.

If you are military or a civilian DoD employee, use Defense Travel System (DTS) website to book your flight. If you are in the military or are a DoD employee, you must also use your Citi Bank Government Travel Card for booking all airfare and related travel expenses.

Can federal employees or military personnel use these fares for personal travel?

No, these fares may only be used by government personnel traveling on official business between Charleston, SC and Omaha, NE.

What is the difference between "Unrestricted" (YCA) and "Capacity-Controlled" (_CA) flights?

Contract fares are identified by a 3-letter code ending in "CA" which stands for "Contact Award." "YCA" is the code for Guaranteed economy class Airline City Pair fare. "_CA" (or sometimes "XCA") is the code for limited capacity economy class Airline City Pair fare. The first letter will varies by airline (i.e. QCA, LCA, etc.).

"_CA" flights are the cheapest flight option but there are only a certain number of these fares available on a given flight or throughout the year. Travelers should reserve their airfare as soon as reasonably possible in order to get the cheapest fares. All "YCA" and "_CA" have no ticketing time limits, advanced purchase requirements, travel time limits, blackout periods, or change for cancellation fees.